High Chew


Hi-Chew, also known as “High Chew,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum X MAC 1 strains. Famous for its delicious flavor, this bud offers a unique combination of energizing cerebral and soothing physical effects. Like its namesake candy, Hi-Chew packs a sweet and sugary bubblegum candy flavor with a surprisingly spicy fruity exhale. The aroma follows the same profile, although it does have a notable hint of flowery herbal tea to it, too. The Hi-Chew high will wash over you slowly, beginning in the head before taking on the body. You'll feel a rush of cerebral euphoria fill your brain, easing away racing thoughts or negative moods and replacing them with happy nothingness. A sense of physical calm comes next, wrapping you up in a blanket of relaxation that has you feeling pretty locked to the couch and sedated. With these effects and its moderately high 17-18% average THC level, Hi-Chew is often chosen to treat conditions including chronic stress or PTSD, insomnia or nightmares, depression or mood swings and chronic pain. This bud has dense and conical forest green nugs with thick, furry orange hairs and tiny, milky white trichomes.

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